Dublin Yoga For All

Hello, my name is Ann Dempsey, and welcome to my website.

My belief is that we need to have a sense of humour when we practice yoga and accept that each practice is unique, maybe we can do more than yesterday or maybe we can do less.

“Competition has no place in a yoga environment”.

Krishnamacharya stated that yoga adapts to suit the person not the person to suit yoga and this is something that I believe strongly in. Ahimsa (non-violence) is central to my classes.
Yoga for all means exactly that. Yoga for able bodies, less able bodies with special seated yoga classes and pregnancy yoga. If you can breathe then you can do yoga! I also teach Pilates and somatic movement with the same ethos.

Yoga posture in Dublin Yoga for All class

My Classes

  • Hatha yoga,
  • Yoga/somatic movement for martial artists/boxers, somatic movement to improveposture and relieve muscle contraction.
  • Pregnancy yoga,
  • Womens’ Health yoga and pilates class,
  • Gentle yoga
  • Pilates classes.
  • Mother and baby yoga.

Yoga builds strength, flexibility and calmness. As yoga is a weight bearing exercise it may be helpful in preventing osteoporosis. In these volatile and uncertain times we need to be able to rely on inner strength when outer supports seem to be crumbling around us. We do not become hermits living apart from the world but rather become more present in each moment and perhaps better able to focus on the here and now rather than worrying excessively about things that will probably never happen.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga gives Mothers-to-be time to
Focus on themselves and their babies,
Learn techniques to help relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy.
Prepare mentally and physically for giving birth.
Spend time in the company of other Mothers-to-be.
New classes start on a regular basis so please check my classes page.