Gentlebirth Workshops

About Gentlebirth

Gentlebirth training is unique in that it focuses specifically on birth preparation and not how to parent or change nappies. We focus specifically on making your birth experience the most positive that it can be for you.

Gentlebirth is not dogmatic and if you chose to have an epidural, it is considered to be just another tool in your birth preparation toolkit, we can show you how to use a peanut ball to maximise your pelvic outlet. You will learn how to apply evidence based information to your birth suing WHO guidelines, HSE and ACOG guidelines.

Weekend Courses

Over the weekend you will learn the following and more:

Physiology of the normal birth process

Fear Vs relaxation during birth – keeping adrenaline at bay.

Sport psychology techniques for pregnancy and birth

The neuroscience of a gentle birth – rewiring your brain from fear to confidence

How to “hack” your hormones in labour – undisturbed birth

Breathing techniques

Comfort measures for labour and birth (what you and your partner can do at each stage)

Use of the birth ball and other tools in labour (including waterbirth)

Bonding with your baby before birth

Routine procedures in Irish Hospitals and how to avoid unnecessary interventions

What happens on admission to hospital?

Becoming a confident birth partner

Labour support tools for special circumstances

Creating an effective birth plan and how to communicate you intentions and preferences

Informed decision making

Relaxation techniques for Mothers to be and partners for pregnancy and labour

Proteching your baby and your body during the 2nd stage (pushing)

Birth positions

Recovery tips.

You will leave the workshop feeling excited about bringing your baby into the world and equipped with comfort measures for labour.